"I have quickly implemented many coaching skills in an attempt to enhance the world around me. Coaching has change my way of thinking. I’ve been able to get curious and see things with an open mind. I have been able to stretch myself to places I was once afraid to go. I’ve expanded my skillset and by doing so, have brought a new me to my colleagues, staff and students. In my opinion, coaching is the highest form of empowerment, both internal and external.”

Duane Herr, Director of Athletics

In their own words....



“Coaching techniques help my employees look at situations with a new perspective and to solve workplace issues in a more positive way.”

“I am happy to report that I am bringing coaching everywhere!   I am redesigning relationships with the people and things in my life so that they serve me better.   I regularly use words (stake, structure, values, designed relationships, intuition, metaphors, stretching....)   in my conversations with others and my classes of students. THANK you both for this opportunity to learn coaching.”

Lisa A. Sanford, PHR |Director, HR Operations

Courtney Sabol, Assistant Professor

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