The ENGAGE/Leadership Program, based on a proven multi-level leadership model, is a powerful experiential program designed to uncover and deepen participants' natural strengths as leaders. We want to build communities not just individuals To recognize human potential we must see and hear each other. Innovation in any field depends on our capacity to create the space for that and we do that through expanding our own awareness.


Objectives of the Program


The objectives of the ENGAGE/Leadership Program are to have participants: 

  • Develop their ability to lead in engaging ways that result in positive and lasting impact on their organization and communities

  • Increase their self-awareness of their unique leadership strengths and build on them with intention

  • Contribute to a community of leaders and peers




As a result of this program participants will:

  • Have the ability to access their personal strengths and leadership qualities 

  • Be able to apply them in all aspects of life, both personal and professional 

  • Be are more able to show up fully

  • Take a stand for who they are and what they believe in 

  • Take responsibility for the impact they create in the world 

  • Seek out opportunities for increasing engagement and collaboration


Program Format


Our approach is real, its highly experiential. You can’t hide in the back of the class. Everyone is engaged from the start. That’s why it works. The program, involving a cohort of 12-18 participants, includes:

  • Residential retreats - Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading with Others

  • Team projects

  • Adventure- based activities

  • Intense self-reflection and dialogue


Learn how ENGAGE/Leadership can advance the leadership

within your organization, school or community.

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