The ENGAGE/Youth Leadership Program  is a powerful experiential program designed to uncover, deepen and build on the student’s natural strengths. In today’s world it is increasingly vital that students emerge from high school with an expanded sense of who they are, what their inherent strengths are, and the capacity to create their desired impact in the world.


The 3 pillars of the program are:

  1. Leading self

  2. Leading with others and building powerful relationships

  3. Amplifying the strengths of others and creating a purpose project/quest

Objectives of the Program


The objectives of the ENGAGE/Youth Leadership Program are to have the students:


  • Uncover their strengths, both realized and unrealized, that they can leverage in school, work and life.

  • Understand their unique leadership style and how to apply it effectively in a range of different situations.

  • Learn how to consciously design the lives they want.

  • Nurture positive relationships and amplify the strengths of others.

  • Develop the ability to identify and obtain the resources they need to be successful.

  • Build their resilience to overcome the inevitable obstacles they will face.

  • Gain a sense of purpose to drive their decision-making and choices.

  • Launch a project congruent with their sense of purpose.  



The students will gain:


  • Confidence based on strong self-awareness.

  • An awareness of their impact on others and how to have their desired impact.

  • Lasting relationships with others.

  • An understanding of their unique leadership abilities and how to apply them.

  • Valuable experiences to drive their success at home, school and communities.

Program Format


The ENGAGE/Youth Leadership Program is a highly experiential multi-retreat program for 16-24 grade 11 students. A broad range of learning experiences will be provided to allow for the varied learning styles of the students. Three 3-day retreats strategically spaced throughout the school year will be held a suitable retreat centre.  Individual and team projects will be undertaken between retreats. Following the completion of the program the students will design, organize and conduct an event to share the purpose projects they are undertaking.


Overview of the retreats.


Retreat 1:  The Essence of You

This retreat is focused on Leading Self. Participants will gain an awareness of the leader within themselves, and how to leverage their natural talents. It includes essential strategies such as clarifying values, asking for help, identifying triggers and understanding how to manage them, recognizing their impact on others and gaining a clear sense of the impact they want to have in the world.


Retreat 2:  Creating Powerful Partnerships

This retreat is focused on Leading with others. This includes developing an understanding of what is needed, and skills to help participants design effective relationships with any partner.  Specific strategies include modes of listening, curiosity as a tool to build connections, and increased capacity to discern and identify dysfunctional beliefs and reframe.


Retreat  3:  Making it Real

This retreat focuses on identifying, amplifying, and leveraging the strengths of others in order to move forward toward a shared vision.  Strategies and skills include radical collaboration, resourcefulness, and planning their purpose projects/quests.

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