The ENGAGE/Coaching Training Program helps leaders and teachers develop the “coaching” approach. Based on proven coaching methodologies as well as current learning best practices the program provides a pathway for cultivating exceptionally productive human relationships, adding value to the diversity within organizations, communities, and schools.


Objectives of the Program


  • Providing leaders and teachers with enhanced communication skills, the capacity to build more effective relationships, and achieve greater work/life fulfillment.                                          

  • Empowering them to be champions of their colleagues, community members and students, contributing to their success and positive impact on society. 

  • Empowering their colleagues, community members and students to be more engaged and take control of their work, development, and life. 

The ENGAGE/Coaching Training Program was a coaching skills development program aligned with International Coach Federation (ICF) standards. The program consisted of a series of three 3-day in-person highly experiential learning sessions, individual coaching, and individual and team homework between workshops.




The program results in a range of outcomes including the development of coaching, leadership, and communication skills to better serve their organizations, communities, and schools.  


  • Holding a deep sense of curiosity

  • Empathic inquiry and deep listening

  • Shaping powerful conversations 

  • Increasing their self-awareness 

  • Designing constructive and engaging relationships

  • Discerning between coaching, teaching, and mentoring

In developing this new set of skills leaders and teachers are able to operate more intentionally to positively impact others and the world.


Learn how ENGAGE/Coaching can advance your organization, community or school.

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